Welcome to BoDo Chiropractic

Here at BoDo Chiropractic we use our experience to relieve back pain and other ailments in our practice which focuses on pediatric chiropractic and pregnancy chiropractic care. More globally, Dr. Dorn and Dr. Blevins created BoDo Chiropractic to help practice members achieve optimum levels of physical and emotional health through their knowledge as one of Boise’s top pediatric chiropractors.

Dr. Dorn and Dr. Blevins utilize their skills and practices and are known as Boise’s best Pregnancy Chiropractors. You may call to RSVP a seat in BoDo Chiropractics upcoming “Health Talk”, spaces are limited, so please call +1 (208) 342-7136 to save your spot today. BoDo Chiropractic is centrally located in Boise’s Downtown above the Solid Grill.

To find information about first time visits please visit our  new patient section or contact us for more information.

What is BoDo Chiropractic?

Here at BoDo Chiropractic we understand the power of touch is immense; it’s the first sensation we acquire as an infant. At BoDo Chiropractic we focus on regaining your organic fluency in your first language, in this fast paced world were we often get disconnected from our bodies and ourselves.

Providing chiropractic services to expecting mom and child in Boise

More comfort and safer births.

What our patients say

  • "My hobby is shooting. Every Monday I shoot competitively in a league and have for 27 years. I noticed my shooting average is much better after getting adjusted. I try VERY hard not to miss my appointments before shooting.”


  • "Ever since I've been seeing Doctor Kyle I have noticed changes in my body. Mentally I am more clear and crisp, my body feels more free and I have more energy. I leave feeling taller and my posture is remarkably better."

    -Ashley Clark-2X US Ice Skating Gold Medalist,

  • Jen does amazing chiropractic work. My wife Alison and I saw her for one year, before she moved away. Jen worked with Alison throughout her pregnancy which aided with aches and pains as her body changed over the course of nine months. Alison's last adjustment came shortly before the birth which was smooth and without complication. Jen even did a house call and gave our daughter an adjustment two days after she was born. I am an artist, and through Jen's regular adjustments she was able to alleviate chronic nerve pains in my dominant arm. She also diagnosed my gluten intolerance and helped me to cultivate a healthier sense of body awareness and care. Jen is an excellent chiropractor and we happily recommend her. We miss her dearly and wish her all the best with her new practice in Boise.

    -Dave and Alison,

  • “Jen has helped our family several times, she constantly helps me with a rib that frequently goes out, and is so painful. Finally I signed up for her wellness family plan and don’t have worry about “emergency” chiro visits anymore, we stay in tip top shape and the kids hardly get sick anymore. It definitely seems to help their immune systems. I also took my daughter to Jen at 3 mths for acid reflux and it helped tremendously. My Husband also goes and gets regular care, as he is a runner. I would highly recommend families to get under care, its made a world of difference for ours.”


  • I am so happy that Bodo Chiropractic is in town- what a great space! Jennifer has magic hands too. As a dancer I seek out healers like Jen that have a good intuition of when to go deep and when to lighten up. Jen knew what I was in need of and I left Bodo feeling wonderful. I will most certainly go back. Great location too!

    -Erica ,